When I started to plan Spring into Health 2020—the 20th anniversary of this event, I wanted to reflect on the past, empower for today, and provide inspiration for the future. My first speaker 20 years ago, under a tent, in the Natur-Tyme parking lot in Geddes Plaza, was Dr. Earl Mindell, R.Ph. I set out to see if he was alive and well and able to travel to Syracuse. A few twists and turns and we connected!

What a beautiful way to celebrate 20 years by reflecting back to where the event started as well as where the journey has gone!

My personal connection with Dr. Mindell:

Almost 25 years ago, I decided to move back to Syracuse (after spending 20 years in Houston) to learn the “family” business,
Natur-Tyme. I said to my Dad, Stan Meyerson, I was pharmaceutically raised, how do I even begin to learn this new world of vitamins and supplements? A week later, a box arrived on my doorstep in Houston and inside was Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible!

My professional education was strictly establishment when it came to vitamins. My courses in pharmacology, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, and public health hardly dealt with vitamins at all—except in relation to deficiency diseases. Lack of Vitamin C? Scurvy. Out of B1? Beriberi. Not enough Vitamin D? Rickets. My courses were the standard fare with the usual references to a balanced diet and eating the “Right Foods” (all unappetizingly illustrated on semi-glossy charts). There were no references to vitamins being used for disease prevention or as ways to optimum health.

In 1965, I opened my first pharmacy. Until then, I never
realized just how many drugs people were taking; not for illness, but simply to get through the day. I had one patient who had prescriptions for pills to supplant virtually all his bodily functions—and he wasn’t even sick! My partner at the time
was very vitamin-oriented. Both of us were working fifteen
hours a day, but only I looked and felt it.

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