Understanding the different plant-based protein and
animal protein options can help you make your decision.

Why Pea Protein is Better Than Whey?
Whey protein is made via the draining of liquid milk through a filtration system.The material that is left after this draining process is known as whey protein concentrate, and is dried to form a variety of protein supplements you see on supermarket shelves.

Air quality has been ranked as the #1 environmental threat facing humans worldwide, with 91% of the world’s population living in places where air quality exceeds the World Health Organization guideline limits. In 2019, 4.2 million people will die as a result of exposure to ambient outdoor air pollution. Another 3.8 million will die as a result of indoor air pollution inside their homes.

“Air pollution is linked to cardiovascular disease, asthma, and other pulmonary diseases, cancer, fertility problems, allergies, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease.”


For the first time, Solgar transforms poorly absorbed curcumin, from a fat-soluble to a water-soluble phytonutrient making it immediately body-ready, faster absorbed, more active, and more bioavailable than ever before. It’s so advanced, just 40 mg of curcumin in one softgel delivers the equivalency of nearly 75 (100 mg) capsules of standardized curcumin extract.

Both adolescents and teens alike typically fall short on many nutrients for a variety of reasons. Relying on food alone does not work for many young people these days; therefore, supplementation may be required to help maintain strong bones, a robust immune system, and a healthy brain. Some of the crucial nutrients adolescents and teens should be getting enough of include: the essential ones found in a multi-vitamin/mineral, along with extra D3, calcium, iron, and omega-3s.

First and foremost, children need to start with a high-quality multivitamin/mineral which can cover where diet lacks, and helps to support healthy growth and development, strong bones and teeth, a hearty immune system, and optimal brain health.

Network Healing Arts offers a toolbox of natural therapeutic services, such as Chiropractic, Ayurveda, InLight LED Light and Cold Laser Therapy, and BEMER Technology. They treat with, rent, and have for purchase many of their healing modalities, so you can invest in your healing in the office or right at home!

As a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Stephen Wechsler has taught Chiropractic throughout the USA and Canada and has lectured about it in many other parts of the world.

Turmeric is one of the hottest herbs right now and for good
reason! Hailing from India, this golden spice has been prized for thousands of years for its incredible array of culinary and health uses. While turmeric is renowned for its peppery, warm flavor,
and the vibrant orange color it lends to curry dishes, the past
few years have witnessed an explosion of research
supporting its powerful health benefits. Most of these
benefits are attributed to a small compound in turmeric
called curcumin.

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